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The beer was helping me to relax and I did admit that I was very excited and curious about what would happen.

He asked me if I trusted him, said that of course I did, and he nodded and told me to follow him.

He knew exactly what he was doing, he would bring me up to a level and then move it away, in this way he kept me hovered on the edge of an incredible orgasm for several minutes before stopping it completely.

A vicious idea was forming in the chick’s sex-obsessed brain!He walked over to a large chest and took out a massaging vibrating unit, the kind you buy at any corner drug store. A low comforting hum filled the room, he started to slowly move it down my legs and it felt really good.He then slowly moved it up my inner thighs and my lower stomach, it kind of took my breath away.We chatted about work for a few minutes, sipping the beers, and he smiled and brought up what was on both of our minds.We had been friends for years and he was right about it being silly for me to be nervous about the evening.

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