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Kajin committed suicide by jumping from the cliff because she now "had no reason to live in this world any more." Hwan-woong sealed the powers of the 'Four Gods' (The Phoenix, White Tiger, Azure Dragon, and the Turtle Snake) in certain artifacts and left them in the care of certain people, telling them that they will wake when the King of Jyushin is born.Many centuries later, Damdeok, the reincarnation of Hwan-woong, was born.Unfortunately, this was the time when Sae-oh was pregnant, and when she had given birth, the baby was kidnapped by Kajin who offered Sae-oh a deal to trade her baby for the power of fire.

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This event makes Kajin develop love for Hwan-woong.Girl groups Kara and 4Minute are growing more popular, while Girls' Generation plans to hold its debut concert in Japan on Aug. "It's because there are only a few Japanese girl groups including AKB48 that are grabbing attention there," said Min Byung-ho, an official at Japan, which showcases Korean songs and performers there."What's especially promising for Korean girl groups is that 80 to 90 percent of their fans in Japan are in their teens or 20s," Min said.A staffer with IS Entermedia Group, which manages SG Wannabe, said, 70 percent of SG Wannabe's concert audiences are in their 40s or 50s.Actors Ryu Si-won and the late Park Yong-ha, who rose to fame in Japan with their performances in Korean soap operas, also gave concerts there singing ballads.

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