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krishnah ktnho kanhaiya, kanh 1 * kanhatya, \ kanhoba } Krishna.

( vahis, vahya vcihilit, t \ vahira ) bahir baher outside.

660) observes that the form aptano or, dtpano ; wh K/h occurs in the rock inscription of Girnar, is the intermediate step by which atman was transformed into appa, appano, etc.

( chaturthl, \cha,utthl, ) chauthl charftha fourth.

( (devalayah \devafyilam deulu, ) devalam ) dewal dewal, fo^k temple.

) XXI invading tribe in a country covered by forests,- and from the savage character of the aborigines, as -well as (2) from the lengthened period d,uring which the hymns continued to be composed, how the same'' appellations and epithets might come to be applied 'to 'difi%rent classes of beings, human, ethereal, and demoniacal,' in- discriminately^ ' Ijp. I next adduce a highly interesting legend from the Satapa*tha-branmana, which narrates how the sacred fire (typifying} of course, the sacrificial rites of the Brahmans) travelled from the neighbourhood of the Sarasvati eastward, ^aef oss the river Sadanira into Videha, or north-Be'ha'r. The epithets applied to the Kakshasas in th^Ramayana correspond in many respects, it is ob- served, with those employed in the Eigveda to charac- terize the Dasyus, Kakshasas, and Yatudhanas. ix.] 1 10 [Portions of the Appe Sdix and additions have now been incorporated in the earlier part of the volume.] 11 [In the first edition the Sanskrit wls panted in the Nagari character throughout the greater T part of the volume.] XXIV v PEEFACE TO carefully indicated; but the Sanskrit scholar will have no difficulty in determining the words which are in- tended. , The improvements which 'have, been introduced in this ...

On the original use of Sanskrit as a ver- nacular tongue ; on the manner in which the Praknts arose out 3f it, and on the period of their formation : views of'Pi Nfessors Weber, Aufrecht, Lassen, and Benfey.

Seasons for supposing that the Sanskrit was originally a spoken language 1 .

[In fact, since the above was written, I have actually found the word vanjha, a barren woman, in Clough's Pali Grammar, p. In the Balaramayana, 85 if., the word has the form uvajjhaa.

Aid the same laus't have been the case in numerous other instances. 225.] , 19 Campbell's Telugu Grammar, note to Introduction, p. 20 Ojhu is the designation of a particular tribe of Brahmans.

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