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Savannah then called Sheinelle Jones over to help her lift Matt up, so she can finish the swaddle, and Matt griped: 'Or we can say people get the idea.'When it was all said and done, Savannah asked Matt how he felt, but it probably wasn't the response she was looking for.'I feel stressed out. Things got even weirder when Savannah brought over a pacifier to put in Matt's mouth, which he firmly refused.'I knew he would kill me for that one,' she admitted, and he noted: 'This is already going to appear on a thousand sites online.'Savannah was still determined to get him to like it, and she once again asked him if he was enjoying it.'It's great.Yeah, Matt said unconvincingly before urging Chanel to start the next segment.(.25ft) 10022 Lulah Cavileer Papers, 1874-1930 Pembina, ND; Cavalier County, ND Diaries relating to family affairs, letters from Charles Cavileer, A. The Marquis de Mores and Company records, 1886-1887, consist of share certificates, certificate of organization, production tables, and a report on beef feeding presented to the Montana Stockgrowers' Association. 1930-1940 Photographs and bibliographies and notes on cards compiled for use in preparing reports for the WPA on Fort Abraham Lincoln, Marquis de Mores, and the Chateau at Medora, together with correspondence on the de Mores coat-of arms, miscellaneous notes, and pictures of the Chateau and typical ranch buildings in South Roosevelt Park. Bacon, among others, pertaining in part to educational affairs and politics as well as personal correspondence with friends and relatives and some business papers and notes for speeches. Taylor Papers, 1865-1929 Correspondence, copy of his mother's will, notice of appointment as Mandan, ND Postmaster, prescriptions, railroad passes, and records of the Yellowstone Land and Colonization Company.

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Hazel Paris Reid (sister of Edwin Taylor Jr.’s second wife Aldeen Paris [Welch] Taylor), and papers of Major James Hanley (whose daughter Lewista married Aldeen Paris’ brother Robert). Notebooks detail travel, activities, and accounts while conducting agency business.

Specific activities and topics include the Presbyterian Church, Jamestown College, International Peace Gardens, the Masons, ND Golden Jubilee, and the University of Michigan Law School (1894), Scottish and Gaelic studies, and politics. 1920-1960 Sheet music, newspaper clippings, printed material valentines, ephemera, family photograph albums, and diaries describing trips to Europe and across the U. (7ft) 10132 Bryant Family Papers, 1885-1931 Napoleon, ND; Logan County, ND Correspondence, printed material, and financial records of Foster School District No. (5.5ft) 10135 Allen Petersen Papers, 1974 Research notes relating to the history of New Rockford, ND, ca.

2, Logan County, and notes and legal papers relating to the real estate business of George A. 1883-1929; and notes, correspondence, and photographs concerning Thomas R. Morris, 1828-1918, a Civil War veteran and resident of New Rockford. Webster Papers, 1926-1975 Correspondence, scrapbooks, data questionnaires, newspaper clippings, and printed material relating to research on the early history of Dunn County.

Today, the Federal Communications Commission met to vote on what is likely to be a repeal of net neutrality, an Obama-era regulation that prevented internet-service providers from charging more to access certain kinds of content or to create "fast lanes" for certain sites.

Supporters of repealing net neutrality, including Trump-appointed FCC head Ajit Pai, say that net neutrality is a regulatory burden.

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    She looks over and sees Levi’s empty sleeping bag right beside hers, and hears Levi and his friends “outside the tent laughing.” (Pg.