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Typefaces from 2016: Hulleva, Callet, Theos Script, Void (rounded sans), Lemonia, Revel (script), First Text (primitive script), Magical Script, Mauret Script (calligraphic), Rosgart (a signature font), Plore (experimental sans), Murtics (a signature font), Infister (minimalist modernist sans), Beafust, Astter (calligraphic script), Humos (connected school script), Hullist (connected handwriting), Happy Tum, Little Bite (children's book font), Millace (calligraphic script), Grafter (connected signage font), Elgard (brush script), Flotus (calligraphic), Pitter (fat finger font), Scripter (formal calligraphic style), Muffet (connected monoline script), Waltus Script (calligraphic and connected), Feruci, Evertype, Breital Script, Castellia, Enough Script, Rollfunk, Hottuf, Staiger (script), Fintype, Themost Script (calligraphic), Fuster Script. [ Medan, Indonesia-based designer of the calligraphic typefaces Andara Script (2016) and Sareeka Script (2016). In 2010, he went commercial, and started selling fonts through My Fonts. Most of these services charge about 14.95 US dollars per font. Denpasar, Indonesia-based designer of these typefaces in 2017: Earnis, Mient, Styler, Erily Script, Miyuki (calligraphic), Mussie, Kesley Script, Faust Script, Recolter (a stunning poster typeface), Caities, Emily (script), Roth, Hukster, Rovist Script, Renith (connected script). Måns Grebäck has a bachelor's degree in graphic design from the University of Dalarna (2012). In 2011 he already had over seven million downloads of his fonts, which were featured at websites such as Dafont and Myfonts. His typefaces, both free and commercial: Others, such as Font Bay, have the same set-up as most resellers.& (12/07 pravira) Still with Samveta, in North Wales Cefn Mensydd Isaf, Pentrefelin, Criccieth, Gwynedd, LL5 ORB, Wales daughter: Samvida Ashik (was Deva Peter) Then: Book distribution Now: Living in the Colorado mountains, musician/producer of Dancing Lightly/Gypsy Soul , still with Nanda 9/05 Pictures: 2 Boulder, CO [email protected] Ateet Then: Austrian, photographer Pictures: 2 9/10: I am living in munich, germany, have little graphic-design studio and design mainly esoteric spiritual-bookcovers and osho-books for big german publisher.

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She was found unconscious in her apartment and died later at the hospital, she'd had a long fight with alcoholism.

meditation, awareness and love are becoming more and more important in this mad materialistic world and my gratefullness for osho is growing every day.

we are looking for a community to live with loving and aware people who want to find new and more human ways to live, work and meditate together.

They opened up a health food shop called "rinzai's market" 8/02 USA/Sedona source: [email protected] Prem Archa Then: At Medina for the first year, in the sewing room mainly Now: Living in Brighton with Sw Sankirtan (a frequent Medina visitor) and their 14 year old daughter Megan. Opening a new center in Brighton - Osho Paradiso England/Brighton 44-1273-607374 [email protected] (now Rebecca) Now: Spiritual teacher is Isaac Shapiro 10/10 7/04 a social worker with mentally ill and learning disabled, (from Anuragini/Janet) 48 Bennett Rd, Brighton BN2 5TL 44-1273-687726 [email protected]: Shannon ([email protected]) mother: Anuragini (now Janet) Arpana David Then: ex-BBC Cameraman Now: BBC Cameraman, worked in Russia for a while and married Olga, a Russian, they have a son, Alexander. TW3 3UJ, England, 44-1; mobile: 0860 827957 [email protected](bounces 9/10) Www: https:// Dhyan Arpano Then: From washing dishes, to bar at body center, kids jouse, and all manner of odd jobs , with Nisheetha Now: Living at the Sammasati commune in the rainforest in Australia, gardening, meditating, living simply. I have a 1 year old baby girl (Rebecca) I have my own Computer Sales business working from home.

Now I have a business making miniatures for collectors with Sankirtan and my sister Ma Anand Yatri and her fella Sw. , with Maya 3/03 1 Albert Place, Mandlin Rd, Totnes Devon TQ9 5TE; 44-1803-865-679 Asanga Then: Doctor (98) Just about recovered from bad climbing accident a few years ago.

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