Age 13-18 dating online

Let him practice feeding himself with a cup and utensils. Take him the park, playground, or zoo to walk, run, and freely explore.

Continue to reinforce good behavior with praise and attention.

Meanwhile, he'll grow increasingly independent – and possibly defiant.

Foster his verbal skills by putting feelings into words, posing questions, talking about the books you read together, asking his opinion, and answering his questions about the world around him. Be careful not to scold him for using words incorrectly – just correctly rephrase what he said.

There’s also always time to just hang out and make new friends.When he points to something he wants, prompt him to ask for it instead. Practice identifying the parts of his body and naming familiar objects. Ask him to help sort toys by putting them in similar categories, such as red toys or soft toys. "SNL" has been honored twice, in 19, with the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award and cited as "truly a national institution." "Saturday Night Live" was inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame by the National Association of Broadcasters and continues to garner the highest ratings of any late-night television program, entertaining millions each week."SNL" is making headlines and influencing the political dialogue while skewering it at the same time.

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