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§1681 et seq.) In addition, you have the right to receive a copy of your report and to dispute inaccurate information.State or local laws typically recognize the covenant, or promise, of “quiet enjoyment” of your unit.For example, in California prepaid rental services must be licensed by the California Department of Real Estate. These include questions about race, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or disability prohibited by federal law. Can a credit check be required in the application process? Most landlords want to check your credit report to make decisions about whether you will be a reliable tenant.

Your problems may be resolved in local counseling facilities, local small claims courts, or in state civil court. If the landlord wants to evict you, your state likely has established procedures for doing so, with even more rules set out at the county or city level.

Rental applications reveal information that allows a landlord to make preliminary judgments about your suitability as a tenant.

A potential landlord may verify application information regarding your current employer, income, and living situation (including opinions of your current landlord).

As discussed in depth in prospective landlords may conduct more extensive checks that reveal information about your character, general reputation, personal characteristics or mode of living.

Therefore, a potential landlord may learn of your eviction from a prior residence when a consumer reporting agency contacts references or previous landlords.

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